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Innovation. High technology. Italian craftsmanship. Unique design. Sky is the first high-tech smart saddle on the market, the result of an exclusive project developed by Astute Labs to provide the highest level of safety, comfort and performance for the most demanding riders. Flat design for on-road endurance riding and long training or racing sessions.

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Innovation. High technology. Italian craftsmanship. Unique design. Developed by Astute Lab in collaboration with award-winning Italian enduro champion Alex Lupato, it features a round shape specifically designed for Enduro and Downhill cycling. Created by Astute Labs for demanding free stylers seeking highly advanced solutions. For ultimate comfort and high performance.

MUDLINE VT features an open U-shaped shell in 15% carbon-fibre reinforced nylon. Designed for less pressure in the perineal area and greater support under high-strain conditions. The Cover Design System technology, an innovating rubber system designed to cover the shell and minimise vibrations. Features dedicated dimensions – 125mmX260mm – for perfect synergy with the cyclist, while ensuring a high level of safety and reliability.

Black painted titanium rail with tubular Titan-V Technology – 80% titanium and 20% vanadium. Lightweight, durable and anti-vibration for full comfort and reliability.

The Asymmetric Rear Design System provides an innovative, easily recognisable design even while riding, with a unique asymmetric soft-touch bow available in 6 different colours in the back. The same colours are featured on the top of the saddle with the Top Design System, a special cover that lines the central cut-out of the saddle and the front tip.

VT seat (from “verta”, i.e. “open” in Venetian dialect), designed with a central cut-out to eliminate pressure peaks in the pelvic area. The «tension arc» is created with a perfectly balanced weight distribution for smooth, comfortable riding. Ultimate comfort, lightweight and high performance.

Three-density progressive Memory Foam padding for three 3 different seating areas – softer on the front and firmer in the back to support the sit bones – with the special Bumper D-System technology in the back of the shell to protect the cyclist by reducing any impact with the saddle while riding. Made in Italy and Ecolabel certified, the waterproof microfibre coating features a dedicated print and is easily washable with soap and water.

MUDLINE VT is protected by three international patents and is exclusively handmade in Italy according to strict local regulations.


Astute Italia

Premium Italiaanse zadels | stuurlinten

Astute is een nieuw en innoverend Italiaans zadelmerk, ontworpen en vervaardigd door vakmensen met meer dan 40 jaar ervaring in de toonaangevende Italiaanse zadelsector! Deze zadels zijn ontwikkeld voor de professionele renner, hebben een unieke stijl en niet minder dan 7 internationale patenten! Alle Astute producten worden 100% in Italïe ontworpen en geproduceerd!

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